Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Have you ever found yourself trying to keep afloat in a sea of debt, feeling swamped with the pressures of modern life and working to the bone to make ends meet? This is likely something that many of us know from personal experience after the pressures we’ve all experienced since the Covid-19 pandemic struck – and it’s part of what inspired me to take the jump and start my own blog, something I had always thought of but had never had the motivation previously to attempt.

Who Am I?
As a father and family man, I’ve always worked my hardest to ensure that ends meet and to help provide for my partner and daughter with the best life possible; while we’ve both always chipped in, since the pandemic I have been the main provider for the household, working approximately 40 hours per week to try and make ends meet.

However, after my partner was made redundant and took on a part time job around 12 hours a week alongside the thankless task of taking care of our young daughter, I realised it was time to really start chipping away at the debt I had amassed. By the time I started this blog, I already owed somewhere in the region of £12,500. It felt like a black hole that I’d never be able to escape from – if only I could have known what was to come!

My Story to Starting a Blog
In April 2020, after lockdowns came into force (a time that many of us will remember vividly), I found myself furloughed from my normal job and at a loss for what to do. Being confined to my home for the day, with the exception of a short period of time for exercise – never before could I have imagined I would be so eager to go for a walk! – quickly lost its novelty and became tedious, and I wasn’t sure how to keep my focus and enthusiasm up with little to strive towards.

And so, I decided that I needed a goal to aim towards: and so began my weight loss journey. At the time, writing this blog seemed like a great way to document my experience and give me something to hold onto; little did I know that it would grow over time to become a blog that offered so much more!

Now, the blog is so much more versatile than I ever could have imagined; indeed, my simple weight loss journey blog has transformed into a versatile destination covering all aspects of my life for my readers! Dad duties, diets, and debts; there’s a little bit of everything, and I hope that I can help you to find those important solutions you need to improve your own way of life and find the best options for your needs.

Since starting my blog, my lifestyle has been transformed. I’ve learned more about being a father and cut my debts right back to the point that I’m nearly on track. And, looking to the future, I’m striving to get onto the property ladder and buy our first family home; it’s a hugely exciting time, and things are changing so fast!

Find The Perfect Solutions for your Lifestyle
While the first Covid-19 lockdown was undeniably one of the biggest challenges in many peoples life, I strongly believe that it was one of the biggest opportunities in mine! In fact, I’ve managed to turn my life around, get a good hold on my debts, and improve my own lifestyle and family relationships – all the while learning how to be a great dad!

I’ve covered everything I’ve learned throughout this past year in my blog to hopefully help you transform your life, too! Indeed, my own tale proves it’s more than possible, and I can’t wait to share the opportunities with you and help you find the answers you’ve been aspiring towards for your own lifestyle and family!