11 Ways to save money & Still have an amazing Christmas

Its the most Wonderful time of the year... But, It’s an expensive time of year with so much going on both in our home lives and our social lives!

With family and friends to see, nights out planned, meals, light switch on, Christmas markets and host of other events it all adds up.

Christmas presents wrapped up

The last thing you want to do is end the year spending every last penny you have saved this year or blow your wages in one weekend and end up left feeling deflated

But there are ways you can save some money this Christmas & we’ve given you a list of ideas below that you can implement straight away and some that can be remembered for Christmas's to come

1. Spend Christmas Day with family

Now this may sound like we’re trying to bring people closer together, which we are, but actually it’s a clever strategy to spend less

We all know if we end up at mothers on Christmas Day she’ll be putting a spread on, she’s know doubt stocked the alcohol supply and she will 100% have left overs she is going to want you to take when you leave!

So spend some time with your family and save a bit of money not having to buy in all those expensive starters, mains and puddings when you know full well mother or a family member will provide this for free

2. Shop around for your dinner

If your not going to be spending time with family or at least having dinner at yours look at shopping around

Compare you prices of turkey via supermarkets online sites and see which is cheaper.

Head to places like Aldi for your Veg who lower the price of veg to as little as 9p for your essential items

If you have a handful of supermarkets in your area or close to each other make the most of them and make some savings!

Grab a club card! It’s FREE and you can get some savings with it on plenty of items you may be looking for including food and alcohol too.

3. Don’t bin the left overs

Christmas dinner is done and no doubt everyone in the house is stuffed! It’s time to clear the plates but don’t be one of those people who bin everything left over from the side!

The turkey, potatoes and veg will all keep for another day and you can always make more gravy

Make your self some bubble and squeak, turkey sandwiches or a turkey curry. That’s lunch for work or a few quick dinners sorted for the next week or two Plus maybe even some pudding

4. Get to the supermarket on Christmas Eve

This may sound to some of your like the idea of hell but it’s worth it believe me

With most supermarkets shutting on Christmas Day and some even Boxing Day there is a bargain or two to be had with your fresh items

Bearing in mind the stores are closed some shops will do 3 days worth of reductions in one day! Reducing the 24th, 25th & 26th

This will include most fresh sections of the store but we all know a lot of that can be frozen so get in store and great yourself a bargain on some meat, dairy and bread items

Pro Tip: Be sure to get there at the right time to avoid missing out. From previous experience working at Tesco reductions were usually done for us around 10-11am

5. Instead of gifts have family help with a debt instalment

Yes, this won’t save you money at Christmas but it will save you money in the long run.

If you have a number of debts that your paying each month instead of asking family for gifts why not ask for money and use this to make a payment towards your debt

It may not be the most fun or exciting present your ever going to receive but it will help reduce the amount of debt you have and the time your paying it for

6. Make you own decorations

Something a friend of mine has been doing and it got me thinking how this could actually be a great idea

If your on a budget then why not make your own decorations! Not only could it save you money but it’s a great way of having some quality family time with your partner and children

7. Set a budget/ Limit

If like me you get super excited about Christmas and you especially like the buying and giving on presents be sure to set yourself a budget or limit for each person

It’s far too easy to say “I’ve finished shopping for X, Y or Z” but then go out and spend another £20+ on another present just because you think they will like it!

Make sure you set a limit and stick to it! It’s not about how many presents or how much you spend it’s about spending time with family and friends

8. Use a Cash back site

This is something I touched on recently HERE but I’ll mention it again

If your shopping online for your gifts then you need to sign up for a cash back site. These are great for earning you a percent of your purchases back and you can withdraw the money either for Christmas or after

9. Start shopping early

That’s right! I’ve found my self many times on Christmas Eve rushing round the town looking for last minute gifts

Throughout the year gather ideas and keep a note of them. Then look for deals or sales during the year and get yourself a bargain on the gifts

Black Friday is at a great time of the year that it’s close enough to Christmas that the person your buying for won’t change their mind and you can get some great deals if you shop around

10. Wrap up warm

It’s that time of year when we all love to put the heating on every chance that we get but it all adds up

Be sure to wrap up warm and save a few extra pennies by not always having to have the heating on

Get the blankets down stairs, a nice thick jumper or some fluffy cosy PJs to get through some of the slightly colder moments.

11. Never underestimate the gift of pictures

A great inexpensive gift for family is photos! And for any smart phone users the app Free Print Photo Tiles is perfect

You get 1 FREE photo tile a month, you just pay the postage which works out about £5 or so but you get a great looking photo tile that can be easily stuck to most surfaces

We’ve used this on many occasions for pictures for family and loved ones while saving a bit of cash with a great looking gift.

Christmas is a wonderful time and it’s great to have a chance to have a few days off work to spend with our families so make the most of it

Of course you don’t have to scrimp and save around Christmas it is a once a year event but with January being a slow month it’s always good to set your self up for the rest of the year by not going over board

For me I’ll be spending time with my partner and daughter, friends and family and I can’t wait

Merry Christmas Everyone