HYPERJAR! Pop up joint accounts for friends & families with NO Fees.

Recently I came cross a platform online which I hadn’t heard of before but since deep diving into the website & app I’m excited to show you about

“HyperJar is a FREE prepaid card and app which helps customers gain confidence, clarity and control over their money. Download the app, order a card and get started. HyperJar offer a card for adults, as well as a Kids Card for children aged 6-16”

It’s a great concept not only helping you with creating financial literacy for your young children but also allow for the Creation of Pop Up Joint Accounts with friends & family!

Going on holiday with the lads, a girls weekend away, having a family gathering and need everyone to pay their part set up a Jar & have everyone transfer into one place making it even easier to keep track of who’s paid what & when as well as the overall total! Plus you can have up to 100 people linked to the jar so everyone can be included!

Let’s take a look at some key information around HYPERJAR

Deposits & Withdrawals

Its simple to deposit money into your HyperJar account! You just Link your bank account to your HyperJar account and then add funds or withdraw them when you want!

HyperJar uses faster payments so your money should be deposited instantly, this will in turn show on your main Wallet & from the app you can create new jars, add friends, set up children jars and move your money about!

Note: You are not able to withdraw cash from an ATM with your HyperJar card

HyperJar Card

You can order your own card which can be linked to a jar in two ways. You have option to link your card “until you switch jars” or for a “one time” link, the card is contactless and works just like your bank card would

You could have 1 jar in which you’re saving for something special, another jar in which your food shopping comes out of, and your main wallet

You have your Card linked to your main wallet but when your off to go shopping you do a 1 time link to your food shopping jar

Where can I use/ not use HyperJar

HyperJar cannot be used on gambling sites, a great tool for anyone on gamban/ gamstop if you want to keep your money in a location that cannot be used for these transactions

Other places you cannot use your card include currency conversion services; traveller's cheques; adult content; toll and bridge fees; rental car companies; pay at pump terminals in petrol stations (but you can pay at the counter); or the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Usage Limits with HyperJar

Your HyperJar account can have a maximum balance of £10,000 (all combined) with a maximum daily load of £5000.

You are allowed to make 3 transfers in and 3 transfers out per day. If you go above this limit, your transaction will be approved the following day.

Children’s Accounts with NO Fees

You can create a pot to share with your child, they in turn can download the app & will receive their very own card

As the owner of the pot you can set limits for spending & whether they can spend, transfer or both from that pot

This is one of my favourite things about HyperJar! A children’s card linked to your Jar without any fees! Meaning more money for the children’s account!

It’s a great way to get children started early with finances and help them learn and understand money management.

If you want to find out more about this exciting app and more about its amazing features I’d suggest checking our HyperJar and getting started today!

Plus you can save money at some of your favourite retailer with Save Now, Buy Later!

HyperJar partners allow you to save where you shop – when you save with a HyperJar partner your money grows at 4.8%/annum currently. New partners and offers are being added all the time.

Get over to the site today, download the app & start sharing Jars with Friends & Family

AFF: This post includes affiliate links for HyperJar, if you sign up via our link you are directly support Father & Finance to create more content & we can only Thank You for that.