5 Ways to save money each month as a parent

With the cost of living ever increasing, and the amount of money we earn and spend changing constantly were always looking for ways to save money on our tight budgets

We've put together a list of 5 tips we have used personally to help with saving that little bit extra each month when your a parent like myself

Lets get straight into it and save you some money

1. Save on Nappies

If you're someone who buys pampers its time to switch to own brand nappies! With pampers costing anywhere up to and beyond 30p per nappy depending on nappy and pack size, supermarket own brands can cost as little as 3p-11p per nappy!

The average amount of nappy changes for 2 1/2 years is 4000 and given that figure if you were to be using Pampers at an average of 15p per nappy that would cost you £600 in nappies as opposed to the own brand at around 6p per nappy coming in at just £240 a considerable saving over 2 years of over £300

Of course another way to save on the cost of nappies is to purchase reusable nappies, personally I never made this choice, but they have their pros! Including being reusable, and you being able to sell them on when they are no longer required

Personally on the subject of nappies we use ASDA own brand, or ALDI award winning MAMIA range

Mother & Baby Awards 2021

2. Meal Time Together

With the cost of food increasing year on year its a great place to save money for yourself by having your child eat the same meals as you when they are able too

With Baby & Toddler meals costing on around £1 - £1.50 per meal we have found it far cheaper to have our daughter eat meals with us! Having Lasagne, make them a portion and if need be blend it up , this will be much more cost effective and you know exactly what is in your child's meals

It also a great way to get your child trying different foods from a young age

If like us your child has got to that age where they like a chicken nugget happy meal a great tip here is to keep the box from the happy meal, make them nuggets and chips at home and then pop it into the old happy meal box! they won't know the difference!

Baby Food vs Cooked Food

3. Check to see what benefits your entitled too

You may not have looked into this yet nor may you have wanted too! But see what benefits you are entitled to and which could help you save more money

When looking into the benefits you have available to you there are so many including child benefit, help with childcare, even Free NHS dental care or prescriptions for the first 12 months after having a baby

With Child Benefit "You can claim £20.70 per week (for first child) and £13.70 per week (for subsequent children). This can massively boost your family budget amounting to more than £1000 annually for your first child and more than £700 annually for any subsequent children."

Also you can receive so many hours of free childcare once your child turns 3 which will allow you to go from a 1 income family to a 2 income family increasing your overall budget, something myself and partner will be able to do next year

4. Keep an Eye out for Baby Events

Supermarkets have more and more of these each year now and they are a great way to stock up and save money over a longer period

I've personally found Tesco & Aldi have great baby events in which they do bumper packs of essentials items for a much reduced price! If you find you have a few extra quid spare its worth stock piling the Nappies and Baby Wipes in order to save you a bit of money in the long term

You can also get items including baby bath, shampoo, or even car seats at a discounted rate, all things that you will, no doubt be needing for the next couple of years at least

5. Online Marketplaces are your friend

Finally, a great way to save money is to look at the online marketplaces! You'll find almost everything on them as children grow up one item becomes redundant to one parent but desirable to another and there are always bargains to be had

When we had our daughter we obviously worked on a budget to get everything we could and marketplaces were a great outlet for this!

We have even sold plenty of the items we once acquired back on market place, doing job lots for baby clothing which we have then reinvested the money in the next stage of clothing, changing tables we have bought and resold, and even selling our outdated and underused pram on line too

As you can imagine there are hundreds of ways to save money when in a single income family and this only scratches the surface we'll be creating more of these lists to help you save more and more where we can

For now take a look HERE for a list of great side hustles you can start earning money from today.

Were all going through the first steps in fatherhood and our babies lives and looking for ways to make it amazing whilst on a budget