What is Hello Fresh? and Is it worth it?

As we have all seen more and more meal services are popping up on the web and one in particular that is being advertised in numerous places right now is 'Hello Fresh'! Now before we get into it this site is in no way affiliated with Hello Fresh nor is this an advertisement for Hello Fresh

That being said we were sent a code from a friend for a FREE (excluding delivery charge) box from them which included 3 meals and so I thought we would review it as this may be something you may want to try whilst on your calorie deficit.

Hello Fresh Review

Lets start with who or what are Hello Fresh and the best way to do that is straight from the website its self which states

'We’re a meal kit delivery service designed to make dinner time quick, easy and delicious!

How do we do this? By delivering fresh, seasonal ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards right to your door, making it quick and easy for you to cook wholesome dinners the whole household will love.

You select your meals to create your perfect menu, and we’ll deliver the exact amounts of everything you need to make the meal. You’ll just need to have a few pantry staples on hand (don’t worry - it’s just basic things like salt, pepper and oil).'

Personally my first impressions of Hello Fresh was that it was an expensive service and you would be better off purchasing the ingredients at the supermarket instead of using a meal kit service as these usually come at a premium

For 2 people having 3 meals per week delivered your looking at £30.99 which includes the cost of delivery which gives you a cost of £5.16 per person per meal, of course if you go for more meals per week the price drops with it coming in at £4.49 per person per meal on a 4 meal plan or £4.29 per person per meal on a 5 meal plan

Now this may seem high but once we received and cooked the meal i actually had second thoughts on my initial opinion

The meals came nicely packaged and were delivered in a timely manor which is always a good first impression. upon opening the box all of the ingredients were measured out and packaged individually / grouped together for each meal.

Now although the meals may seem to cost a bit more than if you were to buy the ingredients at your local supermarket it does save you a lot of preparation time by having everything ready. Which if your like me after a long day of work one thing to put me off of certain food is the time it takes to get things ready and so I resort to just sticking something in the oven.

Another benefit of using Hello Fresh is that its all fresh ingredients and again like my self if you have children of a young age you can look to get the meals which you believe your child would also like and blend them up after cooking to save you the cost of buying a ready meal or the time of having to make your child a different meal.

If you take a look on their site you can see they cater for so many too with Quick Cook meal which take around 20 minutes, Calorie smart meals which are under 600 calories or meals catered for vegetarians or pescatarians.

But what did we have? Forgive me not knowing the exact names but we had a Crispy Cheese Chicken with Broccoli, A Mince Dish with Wedges & a Chicken, Veg and Potato Dish

Crispy Pasta & Chicken Hello Fresh

Each meal has its own recipe card and shows you which ingredients you will need from the ones provided in the box for each meal, one thing to note is to check the ingredients prior to making the dishes! One thing we did find was that we needed flour for the sauces to help them thicken, something we didn't have in the house at the time.

What about the meals and the most important thing other than value, the taste. Well let me say the taste was amazing! honestly without going overboard the 3 meals were fantastic. The first meal we which was like a carbonara sauce pasta with crispy pieces and broccoli was amazing! I'm not a carbonara fan and I honestly loved this.

The second meal was potato wedges with mince in a chipotle and BBQ sauce and once again it didn't disappoint.

The final meal was chicken, potato and carrots which was lovely for such a simple meal.

The one thing I would say about Hello Fresh is that if you were to order 3 meals you could easily just keep the recipe cards included with each meal and continue to buy the ingredients at the supermarket and make the meals yourself again. Though you would need to order more than one box to get more recipes in the long term.

Hello Fresh Recipe Card

In my personal opinion, if you can afford the outlay each week then I would go ahead and order 3 meals for 2 people, and I would have the food for myself, partner and child. The service is rolling and so you can cancel and add weeks where you wish so you could even order it every so often for a treat and as I say keep the recipe cards included