Make Money From Spending Online. Why you should use a Top Cashback!

Are you making the most of online cash back websites? If not then your currently missing out on some great savings and the chance to make a nice bit of money back throughout the year on small and big purchases

What is a cash back site?

It’s simple! You spend money online at your favourite stores as you always have but instead of going directly to the suppliers site you go through a cash back site

The site in turn earns a commission for you shopping via their website and you earn a part of that in the way of cash back

Let’s say your looking to shop at STORE A & you use Top cash back to do that, you will earn x% of your purchase back in cash back

Of course this isn’t going to be a huge percentage but over the year this can quickly add up and give you a nice bit of cash when you decide to cash out

Personally, over the next year I’ll be looking to use Top Cashback for all the purchases I can In the view that I will then collect my cash back at the end of the year and add it to my end of year income report

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Top Cash Back

I’ve been using top cash back now for little over a year and I’ve found that they are great!

I started using a cashback website when my self and partner moved out from my mums house and into our own place. At the time we were also planning to visit family who live 300+ Miles away and it can be quite pricey

When i signed up for the household bills etc i found a lot of this was on Top Cashback and the money came right in time for us to visit our family.

But, why should you decide to use them?

  • Quick tracking of all cash back: It’s good to have your cash back track relatively fast so you can see what you have pending and how much you potentially will make! You can keep track of this in the My Account section of the site.

  • Easy to use site: It couldn’t be more straight forward to use the site. All you need to do is search for the site you want to shop on and the search will bring up the retailer, amount of cash back & any other info.

  • Easy to get in touch with for any issues: I’ve had the occasional link not correctly track in the past and they have been very quick to have this rectified and got the cash back sorted out for me. They are very responsive via email or Facebook messenger giving you multiple channels of communication.

  • Range of offers and cash back available: There are plenty of sites from across the web meaning many more chances of cash back from you clothes shop with Boohoo, to your Saturday takeaway treat on Just-Eat.

  • Extra cash back events throughout the year: You can sign up for emails and receive the latest info on the best cash back deals that may be perfect for you

  • Giveaways throughout the year: The chance to win additional instant cash back during events throughout the year as well as being entered into the draw to win £1000. A great way to earn a bit of extra cashback and have a bit of fun at the same time.

  • Fast withdrawals: I’ve always used the BACS option for withdrawing my funds and have found this is relatively fast taking just a few days to be processed and in the bank

With the cost of living increasing its great to save money in anyway you can and this is the perfect way for any of us who like to use online for our shopping or purchasing needs.

One thing I would recommend is favouriting the Top Cashback site as one thing I struggle with but will be looking to rectify is that I find it easy to forget about using cash back sites and will make a purchase before remembering

You can also get the Top Cashback extension for browser if you're on desktop so that you never miss an offer or cashback opportunity

That being said I have made around £350 over the space of 16 months in cash back and that is with a rather minimal use of the site! If only I had taken advantage of the site when my partner is buying something from Shein id be a millionaire

If your in need of car insurance, home insurance or any form of insurance then cash back sites are perfect giving you money back on these and you can even shop via a compare site

You can also receive cash back from many online retailers and clothing brands which is perfect given that the majority of us now do the large part of our shopping online

Now you do have to wait a set period of time to receive your cash back but this is always detailed on the retailers page & once the cash back has been tracked and completed you can choose to have it in many different forms from bank transfer, PayPal or a gift voucher for select retailers

I believe when we signed up for EDF having just moved into our house we received £130.00 cash back, as well as £110.00 for setting up BT

Like myself you have many outgoings throughout the year and things that are ever changing so if you need a new phone, to change internet providers or energy suppliers cash back is a great benefit & you can save it throughout the year, or withdraw it when convenient to you

Of course as a parent we all know how much we spend online each and every month! Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you are going to recoup some of that cash and be able to help pay for something else or save some cash down the line

You can check out Top Cash Back today HERE and start saving money right away!

Another one for any one who enjoys a bet using Betfair or bet365 you may want to look into rewards 4 racing

Like top cash back you receive points from all your gambling transactions, these points can then be turned into money off the jockey club which gives you discounted horse racing day tickets

In the past I have even bought Cheltenham tickets and sold them for a reduced price in cash to give myself some extra cash or you can use the points for a day at the races for your self and partner to give you a bit of time to yourself and a great day out

2 great sites to use with the intention to save you money! I would recommend giving them both a try and start saving today!

We would love to hear how you have been using cash back sites to save money and if you will be using cash back sites going forward! What’s the biggest cash back amount you have received in a single transaction?